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The Four Minute Business Mile

Roger Bannister braking the Four Minute MileTimed at 20′ (no, it’s not a 4 minute speech), this keynote speech talks about how to break business records, how to defy the received wisdom and how to collaborate for success.

The Four Minute Business Mile is specially suited to businesses, divisions or departments that are growing and struggle on resource. None of us achieve success and growth by ourselves; we achieve success by collaborating on mutually beneficial terms.

This speech always creates a good level of discussion and debate after the event. It works well as a scene setter for subsequent speakers and presenters.

Motivation is Child’s Play

Motivating childrenThis session, usually around 30′, looks at what motivates children. It then goes on to look at what changes as we become adults.

What can we learn from this? How can we really understand and engage our teams?

The ideas discussed are not about spending large amounts of money, quite the contrary, they are about practical and brave ideas to help managers and directors set their business apart.

Compere and MC

Kevin Harrington at the CIPD AwardsYou can book me to compere/MC events and to present awards.

Previously I was Managing Director of the Prepaid Awards and the Emerging Payments Awards. So I know what is needed for a great event.

Black tie gala events, in house conferences…they all require attention to detail and should be fun events. Let me know what you are organising.

And a bunch of testimonials

Kevin HarringtonOf course all my testimonials say nice things about me. But they also have links to the authors LinkedIn profiles so that you can ask them questions if you wish.

“Kevin is a clear thinking strategic development expert who understand that to get anywhere you have to have a plan and you have to execute it aggressively and well. He thinks, he acts and he achieves, a real go getting attitude to business that clearly gets results for him and his clients. His ability to deliver these messages in formal presentations is similarly informative, educational, entertaining and effective.” – Iain Lovatt

“Kevin can captivate a room. He has the comic timing which makes public speaking engaging. He is seriously interested in people and their stuff, so makes it relevant to all. He is politically incorrect…” – Joanna Bedward

“Kevin Harrington has been a popular speaker at our internationally renowned Prepaid Conference and Exhibition. As an engaging and energetic speaker he is an audience favourite and always a pleasure to work with! – Zehra Chudry, Conference Director, Clarion Events

“Kevin is an exceptional speaker and motivator. I have seen him speak on numerous occasions and he is always able to lift the room even during traditional graveyard’ slots! He has an amazing presence on stage and has a great knack of being able to pull various threads together from panel session. He can display pictorially audience responses on flipcharts for workshops and auditorium events” – Robert Courtneidge, Lawyer and Chair of the Prepaid International Forum

“I’ve had the great fortune to find myself presenting on the same platform as Kevin on several occasions. Without exception he never fails to capture the hearts and minds of his audience with his charisma, richly informed content and captivating humour.” – Brian Proffitt, CTO LighterLife

“Great presenter, easy to listen too and well drilled! At one conference I attended, Kevin had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand… Great content, great control, great delivery.” – Chris Grace

“Kevin is an accomplished speaker and presenter. I worked with Kevin for a number of years at Sodexo Motivation Solutions and have seen him engage with large groups within the business and also at public speaking events. He has the ability to paint a very clear picture in his speaking making the subject matter relevant, engaging, informative and entertaining.” – Giuliano Zanchi

“I have known Kevin professionally for many years and have heard him speak on several occasions. He is intelligent, charismatic and articulate, always engaging fully with his audience. I always enjoy listening to him.” – Margaret Drye, Managing Director, Insitas Research

“Kevin is a natural public speaker, able to engage with and hold his audience with his excellent subject knowledge, a stream of thought provoking ideas, all delivered with quick wit and charm.” – Chris Hartnell

“Warm, engaging and energetic. A speech from Kevin is like a conversation with a trusted friend.” – Justin Haynes

“Kevin is a gifted and engaging speaker, and seems to be able to rustle up a captivating and articulate talk on any subject at very short notice.” – Fraser Lovatt

“I have enjoyed listening to Kevin speak publicly on many occasions, notably when he chairs one of our professional associations.  He is a fluent and engaging speaker who combines good humour with highly informed delivery.  He is also expert at audience management in interactive situations.” – Richard Poynder


To enquire about booking me to speak at your event please email Jan at We Are Curators

Events I’ve spoken at

Up and down the UK, in Europe, Asia and the USA, here is a list of some of the events I’ve spoken at.

  • An Evening with Welsh Rugby Legend, Gareth Thomas, part of Wrexham Carnival of Words 2015 – compere
  • Annual Purchasing & Card Payments Solutions P2P Conference 2013, Birmingham
  • British Computer Society, London – “Music in Business”
  • Business Gets Mobile, 2014 – Warrington
  • Call Centre Expo 2009, Birmingham – “Motivation is child’s play”
  • Call Centre Expo 2010, Birmingham – “Motivating Gen Y Employees”
  • Call North West, Liverpool – motivation seminar
  • Creative Network Meeting, Bracknell – “Money and Art” (2 years running)
  • Digital Leaders North West, Manchester (meeting chair every month), 2014, 2015
  • Emerging Payments Awards 2013, Lancaster London
  • Emerging Payments Awards Winners Party 2013, Lancaster London
  • Emerging Payments Awards 2014, Lancaster London
  • Employability Conference 2015, Creative Edge, Edge Hill University
  • Employee Engagement Directors Forum 2010, London
  • Entrepreneur Country roundtable in association with Smith & Williamson – 2013 and 2014
  • Gartner, Amsterdam – “Global Brands”
  • Gift & Prepaid Retreat, London 2011 – chairing and presenting
  • Gift & Prepaid Retreat, London 2012 – chairing and presenting
  • Global Prepaid Exchange – members meeting 2009 and 2010
  • Higher Education Smart Card Association (HESCA) members meeting 2010, London – “What Prepaid can do for campuses and education”
  • ICE, London 2015
  • Ignite Liverpool, 2016 – “80% is Good Enough”
  • Incentives and Promotional Marketing Live! 2010, Birmingham
  • Incentive Marketing Association 2012, Wiesbaden, Germany –  “The marketers view of Prepaid”
  • InComm Partner Alliance 2012, Miami, Florida, USA – three separate presentations
  • Insights 2017, Amelia Island, Florid, USA – e-Invoicing
  • Insights 2017, London, UK – e-Invoicing
  • International Advertising Association, Singapore – “Building Branded Content”
  •  JAW Story Social, London, UK – “Family” – March 2017
  • Kingston University Entrepreneurship Centre, Kingston, Surrey – “Entrepreneurship”
  • Leo Burnett, Cape Town, South Africa – “The Brand Belief System”
  • Manners and Murphy Employee Engagement Event, London – “Motivating Generation Y” – September 2013
  • Microsoft, Paris, France – “The buyer’s view of account management”
  • PayExpo 2013, London – Chairing Corporate Stream “Incentivising with Prepaid”
  • Prepaid 09, London – “Stimulating business performance”
  • Prepaid 2010, London – “What’s in your wallet?”
  • Prepaid 2010, London – “Prepaid pilates”
  • Prepaid 2011, London
  • Prepaid 2012, London – The marketing opportunity for Prepaid”
  • Prepaid Exchange Southern Africa 2012, Cape Town – “Global Prepaid trends”
  • Prepaid Expo Europe 2013, “Digital Revolution: The In’s and Out’s Of Digital, Mobile & E-Gifting”
  • School of Business, Liverpool and Warrington, 2015
  • Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2014, London
  • TelecomFinance 2013, London
  • The Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford – “Marketing music”
  • Thames Valley University, Reading – “Money and Art” (5 consecutive years)
  • The Institute of Directors, London – “Brand Visibility on the Internet”
  • The Smart Card Club – Smart Technology in the Public Sector – “Prepaid solutions for the public sector”
  • Think Big, Liverpool, 2015 – The Four Minute Business Mile
  • Toastmasters, 2014 onwards – many and various
  • UK Prepaid Club (UKPC), London 2012 and 2013
  • University of Reading – “What Really Drives a Media Company?” (4 consecutive years)